by electionfraud2011

There’s a guy that was head of the RCMP. His name is Zaccardelli. Giuliano Zaccardelli. He’s got awards and commendations up the ying yang. Exemplary was a term one might hear to describe him. Yet he more than anyone else is responsible for CPC gaining in a very criminal fashion, it’s initial minority government.

Zaccardelli played a game in the middle of an election of casting criminal aspersions and launching an official investigation at one party and tilting the field to his fellow felon, The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper.

Using one’s position as head of the RCMP to politically destroy the opposition should be a serious crime.
Zaccardelli should be in prison. That is a traitorous act.
The smell gets worse the more layers you get into the cesspool that is variously CPC or The Harper Government and it’s early relationship with the RCMP. Though that may be changing. One can only hope.
The fictional RCMP relative to the reality. Well it’s not quite Leave It To Beaver being based on The Manson Family but it’s in that direction.
The initial felony. The manipulation of facts from the State Police or RCMP was the beginning. There was of course in the CPC future robocalls and financial fraud but that came five years later. And at the time there was a great deal of unanswered questions in the Zaccardelli rear-view-mirror.

It was Stephe’s first foot-in-the-door and it was delivered by Giuliano Zaccardelli. It Seems that the RCMP’s fascist bent didn’t stop at the new century. It just focused on raw ongoing politics, not on the subversive law breaking by the RCMP of the twentieth century. That act by Zaccardelli, casting what turned out to be false aspersions at one side during an election must equal the most grievous public action by the RCMP head ever.

Was he punished?
That’s cute.
Has anybody of the Harper stripe ever paid for crimes committed in aiding SJH and further corporatising Canada. Did I read that young Michael Sona is lying on a sun dappled beach in some tropical clime.
Let me remind you of what Mussolini said. "Fascism is just another way of saying corporatism."
It was a rhetorical question about anybody paying for their crimes. His punishment was a cushy very well paid job representing you on the world stage. He’s telling Africans how to deal with terrorism. He should, and probably is showing how to subvert common desires and replace it with ultra-fascist governments. Hell SJH isn’t just exercising fascism, he’s now exporting it around the world.

Folks this is the same scumbag, Zaccardelli who had his hand so far into the pension scandal cookie-jar that he should have been in court defending himself until forever.
When I say things about Zaccardelli I’m not saying that he’s guilty of anything. No. I’m saying that from every angle that I’ve ever been able to see it from, it just looks exactly like that. I’m not saying that Zaccardelli is guilty of anything, I’m simply saying that from everything I can see about it and him, he adds up to GUILTY.

Everything that subsequently happened to Maher Arar is squarely on Zaccardelli"s invoice.
Top cop. Shelf full of accolades. BS
More of Harper scraping the bottom of this barrel the same way he scraped the three senatorial barrels and most other appointments.
Essentially Zaccardelli lies about Maher Arar to the Americans which gets Arar a whole bunch of torture and Zaccardelli a cushy job. Then he lies about the lies. Does he ever have to pay for any of the lies.
Don’t bet on it.
But what does any of this matter?
Well it matters to see how Stephe has manipulated every level of supra-government and government to his illegal cause. From the propaganda/information organ CBC, and the domestic military RCMP, judicial Supreme Court, extra-governmental Senate.

And it’s interesting to note that just about everybody close to Stephe is either an accused or affirmed serial liar. It’s that game again folks. Its the Leo Strauss "lying is good" Chicago/Calgary school crap.

And remember as well sisters and bros 2011 was a robocon/extra-legal/financial fraud, COUP D’ETAT