Stephe and Israel

by electionfraud2011

Does Stephe’s hugely anti-jewish past have no meaning at all?
I wrote quite a while ago that it was comical, the photo of SJH being awarded for his politics by an American Jewish organization and being photographed between an obviously very right-wing rabbi and one of the planet’s great criminals Henry Kissinger. The thing that was funny was that in such a potentially joyous occasion, there was Henry, Stephe and the rabbi captured in photo and all had the same "what the hell is that disgusting smell" look on their faces.

I have too long and deep a history that includes Jewish friends, lovers and social and artistic associations to ever get anywhere near an anti-Jewish or neo-nazi organization. So that is not where I’m coming from. And I apologize for how much that sounds like "some of my best friends…".

But, I believe that in both Israel and in the local Jewish community, the same thing is happening as is happening in Canada. A cynical and well positioned minority is destroying the aspirations of a less intense majority. Sort of the same way Hitler came to power.

Netanyahu, Harper and the amorphous mish-mash that is single party USA have far more in common with Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco than with thinkers such as T.C.Douglas, Noam Cholmski, or the Lewis’s, father David and son Steven.

The evil pact that is America and Israel over middle east domination is something that the psychopath that wears PM socks is trying desperately to be evil enough to gain admittance to. It is our duty to make sure that doesn’t happen and that he is rendered harmless and if I’m right about the extent of his crimes, permanently incarcerated.

I believe that a very large percentage of the obscene bill for security to keep Harper alive is likely to protect him from former associates whom he has turned against in his quest for more power.
If I’m right about Stephe’s crimes it is obviously imperative that they be dealt with severely.