Racist names, slogans and mascots Nov 17

by electionfraud2011

Now if we can get the rest of America and Canada to join Saskatchewan in pushing racist slogans and mascots out of sports…would that mean that we Canada and America would of necessity begin to revisit some of our dishonest "histories."

The recency of the essentially Christian based so-called residential schools travesties in Canada have pretty much kick started our reassessment of our vicious past. But what of all the race based naming for comedy such as the Edmonton football club and any and all others such. If Canada and USA wanted to make an awareness campaign that could get both countries on the page that they’ve both been lying about being on for many years they could decide what team/city had the most egregious example and have a huge ceremonial changing of the guard, with brass bands and jugglers and all manor of hoopala and thereby help the "Cleveland" economy while cleansing them of over a hundred years of verbal insult coupled with as insulting a graphic as has ever insulted an entire continent or two, of worthy human beings.

Way to go Saskatchewan. Way ahead of Ohio. Now since you invented it perhaps you could show the US how health-care works…Are you getting the feeling that we need more TC’s and far less Stephe’s. It makes me feel a little dirty putting their names in the same sentence. TC’d hate me for saying it (as best as TC could hate anything), but I feel dirty even thinking of them as common species. In fact in a very real sense they aren’t. It’s the part that’s human that’s missing in Stephe. It’s not the humorous picture of the "handshake". It’s the reality of the "handshake".

The psycho brain has to rely on statistical memory, and figuring out the "solution". That means Stephe has had to keep too many balls in the air. Emotions make a lot of memory work redundant.
It’s two days short of six months since I left Victoria city hall on my quest to focus attention on The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper and his crimes. I’ve experienced temperatures above 40c in Osoyoos and Grand Forks and am now experiencing -17c in Lethbridge. That’s about 14c lower and 10c higher than I’ve felt in Victoria over the last 13 years.

Since I have to be at Chinook Hosp. on December 12 I’m here for about another month. In that time I hope I can carve out a more comfortable niche. Must explore L&M that’s where it all seems to go through. It’s like L&M is the downtown crossroads of any music community that it’s in. I worked for Jack way back at Yonge & Asquith and argued politics with him in the Morrisey of a Saturday evening over beer after closing. There was one L&M store at that time and it was in their second location butting up against, on opposite sides of Church St. Canadian Tire…wow that’s a lot of Canadian success. It’s not exactly Glen Gould who at the same time was making a recording venue so famous that it was "heritage preserved" seven floors up, but business success in spades, for one spot, not even two corners between them, to generate.

Well there you go. I heard about the Saskatchewan slogan/mascot/banner being de-racisted and had to applaud.
Good on "the Green".
It’s hard to think of Saskatchewan without thinking green. The good kind of green. The kind that doesn’t have the stink of bitumen on it.

Getzlaf and Ti-cats and Sheets oh my