Prison population.

by electionfraud2011

I just read that since Harper became minority Prime Minister the federal criminal population has expanded to where Natives of Turtle Island (North America) constitute almost 1/4 and growing as are other "visible minorities" and are over represented 600%. This at a time when Caucasian prison population is shrinking and the non-Caucasian populations are suffering in and out of prison.

Hmmm ya’ don’t s’pose the CPC is a bunch of racists do you.
During the entire time that Stephen Joseph Harper has worn the Prime Ministerial coveralls the national prison population has risen in plain numbers as well as percentages among visible minorities and even more among specifically native Turtle Islanders. And that, at the same time that the Caucasian population was shrinking even faster. You don’t suppose Stephen Joseph Harper suffers from that same social virulence as his mentor and former campaign head Tom Flanagan, which is the hatred and fear of all things native to Turtle Island.

That this was produced during a decade when Stephe made sure that their lives were mitigated downward, makes it a "natural" for Canada the cliche "guilty of not being Caucasian".
By every possible measurement the lives of people of non-Euro decent and particularly people living on "The Rez" has descended in the general direction of hell under The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper. And that is exactly what the felon in Prime Ministerial underwear wanted. That Decievin Stephen is a closet nazi and a virulent racist can’t be doubted on the evidence. And once again, don’t let his recent conversion to the Zionist cause fool you. Stephe is one third of the Stephe and Tommy and Tommy "anything for a buck" team.

We must investigate May 2, 2011 before it’s too late.
Elections Canada needs the power to investigate and to indict.
Letting Harper get away with his extremely serious crimes would be a serious mistake. There are others of the CPC ready to take advantage of any future situation.
The CPC is full of Dean del Mastro’s. Financial fraud is a fundamental part of their tool kit and was used almost universally during the elections of May 2, 2011.
Anyone who doubts the basic criminality of the CPC and the degree to which they relish bringing back the barbarity of capital punishment, simply doesn’t understand the barbarity of right-wing politics. And every time you hear SJH pontificate otherwise you’d be well advised to remember that he would far sooner lie than smile.