Population “under the bus”

by electionfraud2011

So how many minions has Dictator Stephe kicked under the bus now? How many denials has he had to make?
And look at the level of accolades he’s been accorded in the press for an essentially CPC supporter loaded, and Canada generally unloaded, pact.
Stephe continues to be the "BSingest" PM ever: which is what you get when you get "the fake".
Every single day points Stephe in the direction of the denying psychopath. It seems probable to me that Stephe could pass a polygraph test from any angle of any question.
A characteristic of fascism is initial success from a ruthless minority that is ready to legally or illegally, radically change the character of a nation to one that is corporate, at the expense in every facet of the living mass population.

Christian-corporatism. Holy moley whodathunk?
Well folks that’s who Stephe is. And phoney opportunistic halleluleh shouting Stephe notwithstanding… Psycho-Stephe will say anything that moves the greasy ball toward the goal.
Surely people must be bored at the need for daily denial.
And surely folks are saying "Wait a minute here Stephe, that’s six hundred and four people that you hired in the first place, that you’re now saying are lying about you. You one of the most recognized serial liars of your time".

No accountability, and nothing under any form of oath. We need to get Stephe and others under oath.