He thinks you’re stupid

by electionfraud2011

Do you see how stupid he thinks you are. Or maybe he thinks that you are so committed to his fascistic vision that you take naturally to the Leo Strauss, “lies are part of the weaponry” concept. But besides how it works for whoever it works for, does anyone who has any grasp of Canadian politics believe a shard of what SJH is submitting to be who he is; second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, his entire time and space is a hologram. There is no substance there, only dry empty evil twisted right and further right carnivorous-like thought.

Business is sacrosanct.
Human is a commodity.
Greed is good.

Now, do we have the courage to hold him and they accountable for the damage wrecked on Canada during an administration that was the product of robocon and financial fraud. Of treason. And do we have the courage and will to painstakingly review and ascertain that which is the product that should and would never have come into being except through such an administration as they and restore it. Restore Canada. Harper has twisted the future in a criminal way and surely must pay for that.

I make no apology for insisting on severity in the sentencing of that which I’m sure will be made known. It is obviously important and must be a harsh deterrent.
The world is becoming more dangerous daily and vigilance is required to hold our place in it. There are challenges of economics and science. But joining the fascist race to the bottom is not the right way and it’s not the smart way. Harper’s way is to scrape everything possible to the top, the one percent. He can see no limit to the disparity between top and bottom and that makes him very dangerous to you if you are in the bottom half. But his inability to deal rationally with science is even more dangerous and his stance there testifies that he is psychotic.
Con-jobs and wreckage and frauds oh my