Dumb dangerous Stephe

by electionfraud2011

So let me see if I’ve got this right. You can inject whatever your doctor prescribes and you can swallow whatever your doctor prescribes and you can feed your long term nicotine addiction any way you want while in uniform, but if you’ve been prescribed an ancient medicine that’s used essentially like the most common nicotine usage, that, you cannot do while wearing the uniform.

Interestingly enough I just watched SJH on a video telling what I think was a great big lie. He said that he had led a drug free life. I’m assuming that he means he’s never had an aspirin or any other drug. I know he claims to have never had alcohol and yes, he looks boring enough to have even passed on Xmas pudding. Just to be on the safe side…but no inoculation, no tetanus shot, nothing.

What does he do? Hang upside down in the bat cave until time to go do some Canada destroying.
A little aside here. Starting with a rhetorical question. Stephe are you completely out of your mind? Is all that science crap real and not just political scat. Do you not realize that the best asthma relief on the planet is that which you want to incarcerate for. Now Stephe I gotta tell ya I could not care less about your comfort except when it allows me to point out just how stupid a committed fascist can be in pursuit of power.

You claim to be asthmatic and yet for creepy political reasons you refuse to get the best relief. Stephe even for a slug who’s education was topped off by little Tommy Flanagan at the Calgary School, you sure are dumb.

Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Mounties and prohibitions and CPC oh my…