David and all the other creepy Frums

by electionfraud2011

You talk about David Frum as if he were a rational being and not the little piece of crap that helped murderer moron George Bush kill many many people who’s existance did not help the whole US/Zion/NWO thingy. David’s Frum’s got a lot of Iraqui blood on his hands. Why does Canada line up and wait in the cold to kiss the butts of the Frum family 20th & 21st century. I just do not get it.

As one might say. back in the day in the neighbourhood. "the CBC’s been tickling your funny bone a long time." Meaning that they must be doing something which predisposes you to saying, "yes, just like that, oh yeah, that’s it" to the crap they feed you as news.

Comes to mind here that electoral fraud is treated absolutely inappropriately. We have the same dolt wanting to put people in prison for doing something that’s good for them, treating electoral fraud not as a form of treason but as a kind of joke.

Members of any political party whether little and young or respected pillars of the community need to be held to a high standard and punished severely for any seditious crimes. The state isn’t what you see today. The state is what you would see if the sins and crimes of any currency being perpetrated against it were removed.

Essentially all thus is to suggest that in my mind the political math of the last seven or eight years suggests that The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper is neither right, honourable nor the Prime Minister and richly deserves a prison uniform. How anyone could not discern the criminality hanging off SJH is beyond me.