ARP becomes ITL

by electionfraud2011

Let’s do a little bit of comparing. Adolf Harper with Stephe Hitler.
Huh did I get that wrong?
Actually I have to admit I did it on purpose. They just seem so interchangeable.
Seems they both had hate-ons for what Hitler referred to as non-Aryan and this manifested in greater prison populations early deaths and brutalisation of the non-Aryan population, such as Jews, Romanis and others such as unionists.

Smarmy Stephe on the other hand targeted the native people and people with too much pigment. And how has that manifested?
Well in the same way as it did for he who I suspect is Stephe’s hero. More early death, and more and longer prison terms with more and more state work being done free or cheap by someone wishing to relieve their asthma or arthritis or migraine with the illegal use of a powerful medicine which is tetrahydracanabinol.

In many cases it’s far cheaper and far more effective with no side effects except elevated sense of well being. What Stephe wants you to use which may or may not have debilitating side effects, certainly helps big pharma’s bottom line. In fact if one is in the corporate world, money making is your business and there are laws which place money making on a higher legal footing than medicinal success. You have shareholders to answer to and they have lawyers to insist that you make every buck possible. Altruism is cute but it has no legal standing.

Assuming that you are a good person and a good parent…Stephe and the neo-fascist cabal from Calgary are the absolute opposite of what you teach your children, of what Sunday school teaches your children and what common decency demands of you and your children.

Every measurement of disparity between the "Aryans" and non-Aryans has increased. Given Stephe’s penchant for lying, his salivating at the thought of increased military and in much the same lying and obfuscatory method, his sycophancy toward the rich, powerful and those in position to wage war is over arching. But perhaps what is most obvious and frightening is his hatred of all things Union.

If you do not understand the importance of unions in today’s world let me draw you a little picture.
In Alberta they have a huge and very dirty reserve of energy that is difficult to extract and far more difficult and dangerous to move. As a result people who are at risk are pushing back in a somewhat concerted effort. When you think concerted effort think union. Now of you don’t think that the other side is united to make wealth then you don’t understand the game. The thing is that thanks to the likes of SJH, you have become second class to the corporate first class. You with your history, your family, whatever art you’ve produced are second rate to piles of cash, piles of bricks and piles of arms. And stealth weaponry notwithstanding you can eventually expect that you will be told that you and yours make great cannon fodder.

Please people, connect the dots. There may possibly be somewhere such a thing as a free lunch but I guarantee that at the other end you’ll find a blue collar union member and definitely not a silk and diamonds tricked out, tar-sands pit, energy czar.

You’ll smell blood, sweat and perhaps tears, not cigar smoke, twenty year old single malt and Paris perfume. And you might find a little heightened pigment and a lot of heightened respect for nature.
You might want to bear in mind also that Stephe’s hero Adolf kept his pilots aloft with the very debilitating drug methamphetamine. Meth can easily lead to psychotic events and depresses feelings of guilt. I.E. it makes for better killers.

Just thought you should know.