Thug for hire

by electionfraud2011

So Patrick Brazeau is looking for work is he.
Well he failed the amateur boxer interview miserably. But what about "woman beating, threatening and generally harassing"? Are there any of those jobs out there.
Unfortunately what PB does best is more of a character flaw than an actual vocation, that of "uncle Tomahawk". That’s where a person sells what dry thin little bit of soul they have to the highest bidder. In this case the head of Canada’s illegal government The Wrong and Dishonourable Prime Madman Stephen Joseph Harper.

Gotta say it looks good on Patrick that when he threw his heritage overboard and threw in with SJH he failed to notice how overly developed Stephe’s leg-used-for-kicking-fellow-felons-who-are-now-more-valuable-as-fodder-than-as-allies-under-the-bus was.

Ahh, Patrick you are exactly where you belong. Hanging out with fellow useless CPC liars, schemers, and generally greedy ne’er do wells with a shelf life predicted at 2015 and hopefully in many cases guest-of-the-state in their fairly immediate futures.

I truly hope that whoever takes the reins, Justin or Thomas has the intelligence and moxie to go toe to toe with SJH’s history in court.
Unless of course the illegal take-over of Canada is more successful than Decievin Stephen’s recent performance would predict.
How fast and far the truly deserving of comeuppance can fall.

Pow-wows and prevaricators and would-be-pugs oh my