by electionfraud2011

On 2013-11-13 2:54 PM, "Ted Musson" <electionfraud2011> wrote:
> I’ve said to a lot of people as I walk to Ottawa that if you are walking down the highway (perhaps going the "long" way/wrong way) with a big yellow sign on your back that says you’re walking to Ottawa you look like you’re crazy. But, if you’re walking down the highway with a big yellow sign that says you’re walking to Ottawa and you’re not walking to Ottawa, then you are crazy.

> Well this feels like I’ve gone crazy. I came to Lethbridge from Monarch without walking any of it to attend to a throat problem, and realized that at 71, I have a number of physical issues that rationally are probably going to keep me here until the weather improves. I must make up for driving in when I leave Lethbridge, by walking back to the western turnoff from "Crowsnest Pass" and walk into Monarch and back out on the northern road back to Lethbridge.

> Now if I can find a guitar player who knows all the standard voicings of the Christmas stuff, let’s play. There must be parties and events. I’m a piccolo, alto-sax, flute player of the pop, standards and jazz persuasion. I keep being told that I should exploit playing more as I walk to Ottawa and perhaps I’ll try to do so. Played solo in Nelson, and then at the Balfour ferry with a really fine guitar player that I met somewhere near Proctor. I busked, had a bunch of fun and made a fistful of money.

> Guitar, or any other portable chord instrument would be fun to play with here in Lethbridge.
> Yeah. It looks like I’m in Lethbridge until it makes lots more sense to leave. Both Toto and I are well past any warranties so anything I can do for it or I and be weather patient will be smart.