PSMYLES. (tmpp)

by electionfraud2011

When you see "psycho-Stephe" (trade mark pat.pend) with one of his best "psmyles" (trade mark pat.pend.) as close to arm in arm as the "Stephe" (trade mark pat.pend) ever gets with anyone, mentoring the young Mister Sona/Poutine in the fine arts of (C)conservative politicking…well it kind of melts an icicle from off of your dang heart. And boy don’t they have "slickest dudes in the room uh huu…" written all over themselves.

Everywhere you look Stephe(tm) is having his picture taken with tomorrow’s miscreant. In his wake; perverts, felons, robocallers with burner cell phones, neo-nazis, promotees promoted on the basis of willingness to commit treason. Ability/desire to lie is not just an asset here, but a basic requirement. Shelley, Dean, Peter, Jim "the munchkin" Flaherty, Jason, Vic, etc… and on every single level, Supreme Court, Senate, all the way down to the least significant young mister fall-guy (who should be watching and taking notes on The Mike Duffy Story) Michael"Pierre Poutine"Soma.

I wonder if he ever got mentoring from Bruce Carson. It would seem a "natural". CPC financial fraud on every level is an actual constant.

**aside to young mister Soma here. Kid, they will kick your cute little ass so fast and so far under the bus…What is it that you think you continue to possess that the most disloyal, overdeveloped under-the-bus-kicking-foot, illegal, Prime Minister who the Canadian tax payers protect far more expensively than all other Prime Ministers combined, from a lifetime of enemies and deceits, can use you for, when you get out of prison?

Any answer other than huh? is delusional.
He is Straussian and that means that you are insignificantly disposable. As things stand, you kid, are a creep. But you can redeem yourself. benefit your species and probably yourself by rolling over on Harper.**

Yes we all know that politics is akin to sausage making in esthetic value
but this admixture is 50% fecal mater not the .00005% and you know…1 bug part per gazzillion not per mouthful.
The craziest thing about the Harper Government is that they seem to be equal parts of everything detrimental, to both themselves and to the electorate. Harper, his very own self, the amount of practice he gets notwithstanding, is an astonishingly bad liar. I’m starting to believe that Stephe’s psycho driven need to lie causes him to do it in a way that he’s seen. He needs to do it and he needs to be seen doing it. And it’s not like his base was hoping for Mary Poppins. No they were looking for Freddie Kruger and they got him. And he likes to show them in a wink or a nod periodically that in terms of blood letting "we’re all on the same page."

The insanity that is the Rob Ford show afforded me an encapsulation of what I see when I look at right-wing politics. Crack-addled Rob Ford being absolutely oblivious of the nonsequitor that he was pronouncing when he said "I said some things that were unforgivable and then I apologized." He, can’t do the math.

Psycho-Stephe(tm) would have glowed, grinned and gloated were it he that had gotten away with it.
No folks in our sad old full of crap, democracy, developed four or five centuries ago to protect the English wealthy from despotic rulers, a despotic fascist has identified enough holes to be half way to a dictatorship and every day under rule of this illegal despot and his treasonous cabal becomes more and more dangerous.

Closer to the edge.
Fait accompli.