Who are we?

by electionfraud2011

Ever since Pincher Cr. I’ve been meeting wonderful amazing people and having exceptionally good things happen to me.
The gentleman who’s name I’d hoped was on the "OK tire" bill, but wasn’t, got the ball rolling. He was just the right up beat tempo to make me feel confident. I got my rv power upgraded at "OK tire" and felt very well treated. That’d see me much more comfortable, and I left Pincher Cr. with "best wishes" and a smile on my face.

Matthew, Doyle, Tokyo, Bernice, Angela, Doctors and Nurses, Dean, Harry, what a trip.
Truth is that whether it’s logical or fanciful I felt most welcome and most looked after as I was walking and campering through the Blackfoot Nation. No it is logical. I didn’t make up the honks, smiles and thumbs-ups

that I experienced. The people there don’t need educating about criminal government and all forms of corrupt and they responded spontaneously and positively to me I’m sure.
And now I’m in Lethbridge. Guest of the amazingly generous aforementioned Dean and trying to figure what the respectful parameters that work for Dean are. I’m hoping that a long hot bath, cook a gourmet meal then retire to Toto until post oatmeal Manana. Maybe morph into Dean’s butler.

I want to go back to the top to where Pincher Cr. came up. My only Toto trip into PC. Can I do that? Call it "PC". Does it get that. Well no matter. I have an extension of good feeling from the place three Kliks south off the "Crowsnest" west of The Piicani Nation.

I’ve met some wonderful people and they’ve led to meeting others. Pincher Cr. is the ultimate reason I’m so comfortable in Lethbridge.
Due to weather and health, i.e. I’ve got a mid Dec. doctors appointment at Chinook hospital in Lethbridge it’s one to four months, I’m thinking, and ‘twould be nice to play some music before arthritis takes over completely. Must find a "realbook" guitar player and play the Euro tribal chants (Good King Wensaslau etc) and pop seasonal tunes (I Saw Mommie Kissing Santa Claus etc) as we approach the Yuletide.