Where am I

by electionfraud2011

On, or about Oct 22 I made my first entry onto my blog with nothing but my phone, my brain and my index finger. That was thanks to Matt who worked on my phone at the library in Ft. Macleod and plugged me in. So here it is almost three weeks later and I’m still amazed at being able to update my blog thus. Thanks Matt.

And what an amazing three weeks it’s been. We’ve witnessed a major league performance of deceit and greed from almost anyone who was anyone on the right.
Led by the leader.
Stephe’s performance must have brought forth tears in Calgary. But that was just the cherry on the top. There was icing and whipped cream aflow in Conservativeland where all the little conservatives sleep snug in the knowledge that there are no union members lurking outside the door.

The Pam, Pat and Mike show was a hit with everybody who had nothing to do with it, and a remarkable deception training session for everyone who did. There’s almost no one on this planet that would scare me more than Stephe, as Prime Minister including of course the very intelligent, attractive and electable Justin Trudeau. But it’s a shame that we have a system that favours the potential superficiality of Justin over the hard work and results of Thomas Mulcair. But Stephe is a walking travesty of a real Prime Minister, and Justin or Thomas would both be astronomic improvements.

Honour and truth took seats way at the back of the bus when the Stephe led CPC committed treason in May 2011 and one couldn’t help wondering if Stephe could ride this out and pray(?) for respite, or if this would intensify and move up any plans for seeking an excuse for Martial law followed by a dictatorial dismissal of Parliament "until such time as safe elections can be held," you understand. "Meantime we should keep union hierarchy in protective custody for their own safety," you understand…

I’ve been in Lethbridge since discovering a lump on my neck. I’ve met an amazing new friend Dean here who is multiplying my comfort and being totally solicitous concerning "if he’s doing enough." I’m way too wimpy and old to adjust to this weather this late in life but I have to thank Lethbridge and in fact every step of Alberta. The attitudes I’ve encountered every step of Alberta has been truly humbling. Do something about the weather and I’ll show up like a bad penny…seriously, my arthritic old hands would find the strength to strangle me if I subjected them any more than absolutely necessary to Lethbridge’s temperature swings and winds.

I have a great deal of trouble understanding why the places that did, would vote for this incredibly dishonest cabal which by the time of our last election had developed an outstanding five year record of lies broken laws, disregard for democratic practices and connections to criminal and social misfits. Stephe himself has a record that goes back to his teens of lies and racism. He used some of his neo-nazi connections for security for Preston Manning a decade ago and his conversion from neo-nazi dabbler to full blown Zionist shill is staggering. Week after week and scandal after scandal the Canadian electorate watched Stephen Harper stonewall Election Canada in it’s pursuit of the power necessary to revisit the election of 2011. Is there an even vaguely honest reason, other than the knowledge or fear of a largely phony election, which is what I allege and why I’m walking to Ottawa, that Elections Canada shouldn’t have deep and sweeping powers to investigate. And is there any reason why any people who had a hand in such a treasonous conspiracy shouldn’t pay dearly, or do we accept CPC concept that they just broke some little irrelevant rules and that the destruction of most of Canadian institutions is okay.

No folks. We have to incarcerate the guilty and reconfigure the Supreme Court, Senate and all other institutions which have been pushed to the right so as not to represent the bankrupt policies and mores of these criminal thugs.

The evidence says that we have no idea how the second half of the first decade and the fist half of the second decade would have manifested minus the Harper mentality. The Harper mentality being the willingness to break whatever laws were needed to maneuver himself into the law making position which in Canada is near dictatorial. That of Prime Minister.