Ford and Harper

by electionfraud2011

The parallel with Harper and Ford is the mental disconnect. Harper claims absolute alcohol abstainence and wants to put people like Ford in jail. Ford loves to do the disgusting alcoholic boogie and be as unHarper as is possible.

But regardless of Ford’s insane substance use and problem; or Harper’s extension of absurd, unscientific, even petulant, perhaps revenge motives, concerning rational and beneficial use, Ford and Harper sing from the same hymn book. It’s the "corporate money" hymn book.

Perhaps the strangest part of all this is that as harmful as the method of each is to people further down the slope. Only one of them is a psychopath and his name isn’t Ford.
Ford is a very unbalanced and sick man who’s friends should probably be intervening and getting help for and who obviously should have left office long ago. But watching Stephen Harper, post Calgary speech flim-flam, sitting by himself glowing in his echoing rhetoric is to look into the face of psychopathology.

If you haven’t ever seen the amazing movie that Elia Kazan, Bud Shuleberg, and Andy Griffith made more than half a century ago by the name of "A Face In The Crowd" you might want to check it out. It certainly doesn’t parallel the life of Harper but every now and then it bumps up against "Life Of Stephe" in the most jarring ways and if one watches with a mind open to the realities of still full blown segregation in pre JFK, pre freedom busses and vicious sheriffs and their more vicious attack dogs, Arkansas you see starkly the face of Stephen Joseph Harper shining psychotically through Andy’s "Lonesome Rhodes" and you wonder when is one of this "loose connection’s" handlers going to crank up the applause machine, lift the curtain and show him for something a lot closer to what he is than what his co-opted propaganda machine allows.

For the sake of Canada.