Euros and surplus

by electionfraud2011

If there’s a greater disparity in the Canadian economy circa 20th century than the bottom getting shallower as the top gets fatter, it’s the ever greater attack by the rich and greedy i.e. the fasco-conservatives and the distortion of all things union.

Unions have never been the media darlings that the fat and greedy have ever been. Opinion dissemination has always been the Bailey-wick of that same fat and greedy crowd. They make heroes of the most selfish, villains of the most altruistic, and they turn whatever eye is needed for their bottom line. Sometimes a blind eye sometimes a benign eye but never a caustic until they need the caustic eye to support their utterly specious arguments against the nasty unions.

So in a nutshell the CPC’s point of view is that no matter that you and I lost hugely throughout the 20th century it’s time for brass knuckles aimed at the only thing that stands between you and being totally beholden and dependent on the ruling class. How do you suppose that’s going to work. Do you think Stephe and CPC have your best interest in mind. You’ve seen how fast he can turn on friends and you’ve seen how the rest of them can be distracted with a hunk of red meat. Surely it can’t require too much distance from the center in CPC land that individuals are beginning to notice the lies. Surely Stephe’s leaky boat is starting to take in water.

But what about all that good news Ted? You ask.
Isn’t that lovable little munchkin Jim Flaherty hourly letting it slip out that a CPC run Canada is slightly wealthier per capita than the richest Mideastern oil producing country. And isn’t Stephe constantly yet ever so vaguely pointing out that we won’t even need it due to every single Canadian being made Baron and Baroness wealthy thanks to him slickin’ the Euros.

And Stephe and Jim have never ever lied to you so why would they start now. Well Bubba they wouldn’t. It’s a fact. You can look it up. If you are standing anywhere in Canada…son y’all are in pair’o’dice.

And they’re loaded.
And not in your favour.
Y’all come back real, real, real soon.

Asians and Euros and real, real, real big surplusses oh my