by electionfraud2011

As everyone knows Stephe is the only perfect person walking the planet. His daily "who did me wrong yesterday?" would tax a lesser man and give rise to insecurities. But not to Stephe. To be perfect in one’s own mind and a barely acceptable member of the species in most others minds, must weigh heavily.

Unless of course one is a psychopath and then everything is easy. You see for a psychopath it’s necessary to play act embarrassment, contrition, and myriad other emotions that might get in the way and of which one is incapable. The psycho can promote, install and defend a minion who moments later and on the exact same basis he’ll kick under the bus without a side ward glance, and completely devoid of contrition or irony. How does his/her destruction affect my bottom line is as emotional as "Joe psycho" or "Stephe Joe psycho" ever gets. And please folks if you ever think. -Stephe, Canada and people- in the same thought sequence, you probably need to change Canada and people to Calgary and bitumen.

The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper may or may not be our first certifiably psychopathic PM. But he certainly is our current certifiable psychopathic PM.
Look at what we all know of the Duffy affair. He got Duffy to lie and obfuscate to protect himself and then went on a destroy Duffy campaign. This is SJH’s modus operandi from the beginning. It’s how Stephe does business, and the hokey show in Calgary this weekend, the wall to wall lies, the bombast, the scatter gun salvos of blaming others for what we have all seen emanating from him, must be an embarrassment to most Canadians. But it would seem that that is what the faithful want. Honesty is the last thing they want from this absolutely phony evangelical Christian humbug. What they want is the morality and mentality of those whom circumstances has seen fit to exclude.

The greed of the triumvirate of senators he’s installed, the willingness to steal from others of his former(?) adviser Bruce Carson and the total lack of integrity of his mentor expatriate American Tom Flanagan. Yes folks in Stephen Joseph Harper, the energy and ultra right-wing attendees at the weekend "lie and greed fest" have exactly what they want.