Harper; bare faced liar.

by electionfraud2011

Right off the top here I should reiterate that my action, walking to Ottawa has nothing whatsoever to do with the political spectrum. I’d be doing what I’m doing regardless of the political stripe of whom I’m aimed at, if an individual of any other party was guilty of the crimes that I and many others perceive Stephen Harper to be guilty of.

However having said that, that statement must be followed with the observation that I have never seen any but the extreme right act to this degree in such a matter. And on the right we have many examples in many countries the world over. Globally Conservative crimes and greed pretty much define the 20th century.

Stephen Harper approached the podium securely armed with the knowledge that the lies that he was about to tell were exactly the lies that his committed audience wanted to hear. Truth and honesty were far too quaint concepts for this room. This was about winning. This was about the lessons learned at the knee of professor Tom Flanagan. The noble lies of Leo Strauss who fell in love with the governing concepts of Adolf Hitler even as he formulated his escape from nazi Germany due to having been born Jewish.

Strauss wound up creating the Chicago school with which to disseminate his harsh, dishonest political philosophy and Flanagan and others transferred it later to Calgary and to the wholly discredited Calgary School wherein Stephen Harper came of age.

It’s hard to imagine what Leo’s reaction to the weekend Calgary lie fest would have been. Never having studied the Strauss noble lie concept I have no idea of where Leo stood vis a vis subtlety as apposed to the absolutely cartoonesque performance by Stephe. He didn’t even try to knock the corners off the untruths. Rather he let them sit there and steam "misrepresentation", and scream fascism, fascism, fascism.

Phony religious Stephe and his untutored fascist throng are all about greed and force. Not one whit about tolerance and persuasion.
I would like to say again that my action is wholly about the treason committed in May.2011. But when we see and hear on a daily or weekly basis streams of lies emanating from the mouth of Stephen Harper it strengthens both my resolve and the logic which says that this, The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper committed treason and deserves penitentiary not Parliament.

In a final word let me say if you like numerous re-tellings of the party lie you were in your element. And if you like it done to good old rock and roll this must have been heaven, since you and I know that the last thing that SJH and his henchmen are any good at is "Taking Care Of Business". Unless of course Decievin Stephen has worked some Svengali magic and made you believe that the Euro-deal is something more than smoke mirrors and actually on balance less than nothing for Canada.

Sure wouldn’t mind being a fly on the wall of SJH inner cranium to see what his honest reaction is to his supporters gobbling up the crap.
If you can’t see parallels here with Toronto’s Ford and his supporters, then you aren’t really trying

Leapers and tumblers and bouncers oh my.

Talk about yer bread and circus