About Stephe

by electionfraud2011

Surely you know that he’d have been tripping over himself to give Elections Canada the power to investigate broadly if he was clean. He’s always carried little credibility in that area and here’s a P.R. gift. Clean it would have been heaven sent, but as dirty as logic says it is, it’s a big fat "in trouble."

Combine this with robo-calls and financial fraud and you have deliberately concocted, concerted and continuous fraud. The supreme court decision, split exactly coincident with pre-harper and Harper. We have an ultimately majority co-opted supreme court which Harper appointed at the obvious price, "YOU MUST AGREE WITH ME."

Take a close look at the most recent joke that he’s trying to foist on the Canadian public. Marc "lead with a stupid lie" Nadon.
We need rid of all Harper appointees and anything which stinks of his doing, otherwise we’ve allowed him to win with electoral fraud which in my world is the crime of treason.
Unfortunately politics is incestuous and they hate to hurt a member regardless of stripe…
Oh yeah ! ?? wait ’til "Psycho Stephe" gets cranked up if he ever gets anything like the power that he thought he had. He’ll throw that convention so far, and string up the non-compliant so high so fast.

Success for Stephen Harper is simply the worst future I can imagine.
I have but two important opinions in this regard. First that Stephen Harper is a feloniously unelected Prime Minister, and second that we have a political system that has recently and coincidentally because of his actions shown us, is truly unworkable. He is by no means the first bad PM but he is the first elected through a system of mass electoral fraud.

We need rid of him sooner rather than later. He is doing grave, and very hard to rectify, harm to Canada daily.