Not a chastened schoolboy. Oct 31

by electionfraud2011

Seems that every time I read one of the Ottawa pundits accounts of Stephen Harper’s performance in Parliament lately he is described as appearing as a chastened schoolboy. No he isn’t. He is reacting and appears as exactly what he is. A serial liar, a cowardly obfuscatory, a felon of the worst kind, which is to say a bullying traitor, and the worst human being to ever grace parliament.

Why does he continue to get kid-gloves treatment as he utterly illegally destroys every good thing that Canada ever was, and ramps up every embarrassingly evil thing that this imperfect nation has ever been.
Why at a time when we can see everything needed to ascertain what a psycho being he is and lately how willing he is to blame anyone that he can conveniently interject between himself and the problems that we can also see have no one’s but his fingerprints on, do we give him a velvet ride.

This is someone who does not deserve to walk among free society. This is someone who deserves incarceration as much as any human being ever, and it is long past time for the Ottawa punditry to wake up and make an honest effort to identify the smells emanating from he and his utterly co-opted minions whether in the Senate or far more dangerously and obviously in the court of last resort which until this miscreant and his illegal and possibly even legally gained in the early going, governments were able to affect.

When The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper is eventually convicted and taken to prison I truly hope that whoever is in charge and the rest of parliament will see fit to remove and with magnifying-glass scrutiny, investigate all of SJH’s appointments and all documents that he has signed during his illegal tenure.

This will be as New Orleans after Katrina, as Toronto after Hazel, as Alberta after the floods, as the planet after Hitler, very hard to reassemble. And the longer this traitor is allowed to play with matches and throw stones whenever and at whatever he wishes the greater the task will be.

Looters and traitors and bribers oh my