North end Walmart. Nov 1

by electionfraud2011

So the cons are collecting themselves together to batten down the hatches in cow-town are they.
They can’t be very pleased collectively with the performance of THE RIGHT HONOURABLE PRIME MINISTER STEPHEN JOSEPH HARPER . There seems to be a stain on his tie or something. You can almost hear the various foot/orifice thoughts issuing from the less than delighted throng.

They’ve got far too many labels sewn over labels to describe them as anything more defined than throng. I’d have time for nothing else.

HERE: Socred, Reform, Alliance, Progressive Conservative, Harpercrits, WRITE IT YOURSELF. They were all there.

But let’s get back to all the fun that the Senate is these days. Now, as I’ve blogged before, I am anything but a Wallin/Duffy/Brazeau supporter. I believe that the evidence so far says that they are equal parts hubris, avarice and superiority.

But I also find it interesting that just when they needed it, to protect the boss, the RCMP which is essentially under the direct control of the world class control freak who is also a world class liar and as we saw as he threw everything but the kitchen sink under the bus whilst proclaiming mightily, "it wasn’t me, everybody else ate the chocolate cake except me," a world class coward. "You remember me I’m a close personal friend of God. Oh that it’s congenital. Every time I go into the sunlight it turns the pigment around my mouth into a chocolate cake like goo."

Steph; only the truly slow of mind and the truly corrupt don’t see through you and your plans for fascism, which as Mussolini pointed out is just a more acceptable label for corporatism.
Well I can’t sincerely wish you well in Calgary. I know there are a lot of people wringing their hands at their reality, which is that we don’t have a conservative government but a fascist government. I agree but frankly I don’t much care. I’ll be happy if you save the rest of us the smelly job and get rid of him yourselves, but I have to tell you that I don’t see any conservatives over there that aren’t garden variety loser conservatives. And by that I mean people who can look at the economic trajectories of the 20th century and think that the massive tax shift to the poorest and the massive rise of wealth to the top is okay.

I really hope that that "true" conservatism gets rid of the "not so true" fascistic conservatism and that henceforth they can pull themselves away from the noble lies of Leo Strauss and re-embrace the honour of history and even of convention.

Seems that every time that somebody lies surreptitiously for yours and my good, you and I wake up bleeding and bruised.
The bottom line with all but the most gracious and honest conservatives is that the only bottom line that matters to them is their own and anybody else’s that could affect theirs. And when they avow otherwise it’s wallet check time.

Eehaw ride em cowedservatives oh my