The smell from here

by electionfraud2011

Do you remember that pithy old saw the rejoinder of which goes "if you believe that, I’ve got some Calgary oceanfront property…" Well you might want to mull the Euro-trade deal from exactly that perspective, because the reality is that Decievin Stephen is at his lyin’ best anytime he’s pontificating about how much he’s improving your life. And this deal is no different. It’s a deal made under extreme duress in the hope that you and I and everybody who is not a CPC "made man" will be snowed into believing the headline hype, and forget the lie he was caught in a minute ago and the ones he was caught in an hour, a day, a week, a month and a year ago. The reality is that it is somewhere between a somewhat poor deal and an audaciously terrible deal. A deal that the farther your chair is from SJH’s base, the worse it is for you. For example if you can look out and survey all the property you own or rent and the number of pigs and/or cows you see is in single digit, then you probably ain’t holding a winning ticket. That is unless your chair is way up the energy food chain, in which case you probably pay someone to count your nonexistent livestock, because you’re busy counting your money and glowing in the knowledge that keeping this serial liar in power is the best thing that your bottom line has ever seen. And why should you care that the mechanics of it are as of a siphon, and that at the other end of the hose is a few million people who you are never going to have to encounter in your society circle, who’s lives become more polluted and shallower on a daily basis.

Wake up and smell the coffee while you can still afford a cuppa. This lying smarmy, smirking, minion of the rich and powerful is your worst enemy whether you realize it or not. The minute you get past the headlines you’ll be wondering "whathehell is that gawdawful smell."

Stinky lies, stinky, stinky, stinky, lies.

Lot numbers and tarsands and and barons oh my.

Seventy-one years, not all well spent, have me hunkered down in Lethbridge for some hopefully and in fact presumably minor medical (gotta keep a good thought) problems. I was as always looking forward to moving forward. Now I look forward to experiencing Lethbridge. As I posted yesterday, so far, so good, thanks to the wonderful people at Chinook hospital.