To Lethbridge with trepidation

by electionfraud2011

I spent last night at a vacant service station in Monarch. More gorgeous Alberta countryside.
It went down to -15c and my overworked RV batteries ran out at about 2:30. So I had to get up and open the cab to start the engine and replenish the RV batteries and get some heat from the engine.
When I lay back down I discovered a golf ball size lump at the confluence of my neck, chest and right shoulder. Needless to say I was shocked and chagrined. But whadayagonnado. You knew that if ya was smart and had croaked before seven-one you’d have probably saved yaself a lodda pain to say nothing of uncertainty. But it’s been a fairly positive trade-off. I still appreciate pulchritude though I can’t do nearly so much to prove my appreciation as was once the case.

So when morning came I made myself some coffee -didn’t even look in the direction of oat meal- and took off for the Lethbridge hospital.
But enough about me.
Today’s question.
How many bodies can the slimiest, most cowardly, disgraceful piece of flotsam to ever flow over the septic tank rim and find it’s way to parliament heap under the bus. Now I’ve got to admit that anything short of being subjected to Stephen Joseph Harper wouldn’t move me to sympathize with the greed twins Duffy and Wallin or way too short on character "Uncle tomahawk" Patrick Brazeau or Nigel Wright or the next person Decievin Stephen finds necessary to sacrifice unless he starts throwing children under the bus. But compared to SJH they are all saints.

Harper is destroying Canada and it’s become more obvious daily that his mandate is nonexistent.
If he had an honest mandate he’d be tripping over himself to give Elections Canada the power to prove or disprove the same. Elections Canada has petitioned him for over two years for just that power. Folks your elementary school children don’t believe crazy stuff like "him being on the level." Its time you caught up to little Jimmy or little Jenny before this thug destroys every good thing that Canada ever was. Time is running out. That other thug Baird is selling out Canada to China. And please show a little aplomb and look at the Euro-deal. A pig in a poke is high finance comparatively. If you voted CPC and that’s okay nobody expects you to admit it, your boy is a loser. Don’t let him drag you and us down the drain. Join the millions who want to see the last of him being free and among society.

Stephens and Josephs and Harpers bad guys.

And by the way. I think I got a pretty clean bill of health. Just age related stuff teasing me. Won’t know for sure for a while. But I have to say here that I got superb and extremely friendly attention by everyone that I encountered at the Chinook Regional Hospital. The woman at the front desk set the tone. I’m part fool and she laughed at my foolishness and when she took my blood pressure was able to relaxed me. The young man who did the ultrasound was able to shut me up for those times that he needed me to be so and was engaging otherwise. But I have to put the greatest praise on the doctor who directed/managed the whole affair which I’m sure was as nothing in the overall scheme of things medical but made it seem important. As one gets older and realizes that all things medical could have more and more serious consequences around the corner, one tries to put on a brave face but one is more frequently play acting than truly being brave and a concerned and reassuring doctor like Dr. Regehr is more appreciated than he knows or one wishes to admit.

Thank you Chinook.
Thank you doctor.
I hope it isn’t a cheap shot for me to point out to Decievin Stephen that when he shows so little regard for science and scientists, societies front line scientists are very hard working people that we call doctors.

Lethbridge and triage and best care oh my.