Blackfoot Country

by electionfraud2011

I was going to leave it to the last, kind of like a bitter afterthought but nah it belongs at the front. Get the Euro crap dealt with straight out.
The third line of the very large sign at the eastern edge of the Piikani Nation reads
Peigan Indian Reservation # 147
So what does it mean? Well it means that the people of the Blackfoot Confederacy were evolved and secure to a point that they weren’t about to jump on the religious bandwagon of those who’s book the Bible was in the left hand while the gun was in the right hand as Euro have-nots were helping themselves to everybody around them’s stuff. I.E. land. They had their own strong and sustaining beliefs or religion.

So they were pagans or Peigan.
Now i gotta tell ya. I’m somebody who has had a world of problems with the use of the word Indian to describe anybody who is not from Asia in the last couple of centuries or hasn’t played baseball for a racist named mlb team in Cleveland.

Of course in the manual for racial subjugation it plays strongly that robbing people of their identity, their nationality is a powerful method. I mean how can you have a Nation, or be a Nation if you haven’t even got a nationality? And here we are centuries later when even famous professors like arch racist and Stephen Harper’s best friend forever little Tommy Flanagan is disenfranchised for his support of child pornography, his other great crime against humanity is still popular amongst the politicos that run the show and paint the signs.

And Reservation? Isn’t that an appointment one makes with a restaurant so that one won’t have to eat standing up.
It’s curious that on a sign that embodies so much dignity the government is able, and sees fit, to squeeze four separate insults into one line. And a line at that, which only has three words, a mathematical sign and a three digit number. Whoa, I sure hope some Euro got a bonus for that one.

And what of lines one, two and four.
line 1
Oki (Blackfoot for hello) Entering
both in a flowing cursive script
line 2
line 4
member of the Blackfoot Confederacy

Maybe I’m just really lucky because the only three people that I met while walking through the PIIKANI NATION were three very warm and wonderful people. But I did get a lot of thumbs up and horn honks of the positive kind and the last person I met was a political representative of the Nation and I, a guy on a walk from Victoria B.C. to Ottawa to protest politicians of the lowest order crave to be represented by one as obviously bright and obviously curious to know "who is walking my country with a big yellow sign on his back. And what the hell is his problem."

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Doyle, Tokyo and Angela. May we meet again.

Legations and tribunals and beliefs oh my