Stephe sucks, but the good folk at RBL are pure love.

by electionfraud2011

Is Stephen "say whatever you must" Joseph "because we’re in charge" Harper, the most disingenuous slug to leave a trail on the PMO carpet, ever. He gives creepy a bad name. And is there any subterranean level that this jerk doesn’t have to slither up to. He’s an embarrassment to the country, to the political system, hell, to the species.

Now he would have us believe that he fired Nigel Wright not that Nigel resigned. Next he’ll be telling us that what actually happened was that he The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper levitated old buddy Nige’ up through the ventilating system which discombobulated Nige’ to the point that he miss remembers some of the salient factoids. "Geez it’s hard being Prime Minister of a country that barely deserves me when for a few hours a week I gotta tell God what to do. Ssssssiiiiiiiiggggggghhhh."

Today’s the day I’ve got to look way back to when "the mechanic from hell" that I bought Toto from had me in his clutches. That guy, I suspect he’d lose but he could give the psycho serial liar that wears PM underwear a run for his money in a lying contest.

Anyway the way things shook down at that point the gist of the situation was that twice for thirty days each time an amazing organization came to my rescue. That amazing organization staffed with amazing people was the "Rock Bay Landing in Victoria. They gave me a warm place to be, a comfortable bed to sleep in and fed me food, smiles and sensitivity. They deal with the bottom rungs of society (zero judgment there) as though they were the top rungs, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the two individual months, separated by three months that they kept me in a situation where my very limited resources were not quickly depleted. Don’t know what I’d have done without them.

Thank you very much for everything including the great haircut that I left wearing.