Oct 28 . 12 Kliks toward Lethbridge.

by electionfraud2011

Harper is trying to weasel around the truth.
"Of course I told Mike to pay his bills."
This guy wears disingenuous like it was a silk tie.
Now I’m quite insane. I must be. I’m typing this on a little field entrance from RGE RD 250 and the field is owned, I would guess and operated by a gentleman who stopped by to see why I was where I was.
Very pleasant and understanding man.
This is about 1/3 or 1/4 of the way from Ft Macleod to Lethbridge and other than the fact that my propane furnace would not fire this morning, I had to use the engine for heat and I’m about 30 hours away from -10c this is a beautiful day and aside from ongoing swelling in my right knee I feel right with the world.

So let’s discuss Deceivin Stephen. This is by anyone’s estimation the most micro-managing, which is a term for dictatorial used when you don’t want any form of the word dictator used, Prime Minister, legitimately elected or otherswise in Canada’s history. But he keeps insisting whenever it becomes necessary to, that he knew nothing of what is now becoming a long list of very smelly items.

He knew nothing of the robo-calls even though we have a photo of "Joe micro-manager" in as close to an intimate pose as he’s ever been with anyone, with none other than Michael "Pierre Poutine" Soma circa burner-cell, robo-call, denial etc. Who knows? Maybe the moon is made of blue cheese…

And then we have the little matter of a majority of CPC engaging in electoral-financial-fraud. First of all when the CPC speaks of the financial fraud they couch it in terms and with inflection that would make it seem that they’re referencing the bending of a little rule. No not bent, but broken. And definitely not a rule or guideline or discretionary issue, but a law. Not a law that was enacted one day in the law making room because "we’ve got so much extra time on our hands and all this paper and pens sitting idle. Let’s make up some silly laws that people like Shelley "Sarah Palin wannabe" Glover can use to prove their team player, bonafides willingness to break laws, so that the dick-tater will promote them to cabinet." But massive though it was the "micro-managing-mastodon" never knew. It begs the question "does Deceivin Stephen walk around with his head tucked in where it’s physically impossible to tuck a head in. No one has accused SJH of being a moron, but even a moron (no I’m not talking about you. Dean) would glean more than The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joe Harper just by walking through the physical plant that is the PMO.

Now anybody with even half a brain knows that Deceivin Stephene is deceiving. The evidence that SJH is a psychopathic serial liar is everywhere. Even a partial list of his deceptions here would be too long. Look it up fellow Canadians. And then ponder the two years plus that the head of Elections Canada has been asking for the power it needs to do it’s job.

You might ask and logically so. "How did E.C. managed until two years ago without those powers?
The simple honest answer to that question is that everything previously did not embrace a majority Harper Government.
I invite you and beseech you to ponder what did this person with so many unsavoury connectons all the way back to his teens mean when he said "you wont recognize Canada by the time I get through with it."
What unsavoury connections? Read about Bruce Carson serial felon, or his first campaign manager who for years subscribed to the MAN/BOY love publication. Read also of his very close connections to neo-nazi organizations going a long way back. The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper has left so many little piles of effluence in his wake that amount to "Stephe Harper Is Tenacious" mountain.

As I mentioned above I filled up with propane yesterday afternoon and my furnace today blows only cold air. I’m looking at -10c so I’ll get back to this if I don’t freeze.