Duffy and Harper and Canada

by electionfraud2011

So I read this morning that Mike Duffy has dropped the "O". The "O" in question isn’t the octave. He’s not feeling more "manly" like that other former friend of Harper’s. His BFF who gutlessly called for the assassination of a man that the pedophilic little creep couldn’t begin to be the equal of. Assange is a hard core stand up guy s far as I can see.

No this "O" is the "O" in PMO which stands for "office" and that leaves the guy wearing the suit jacketish shaped flak-jacket in the Duffy cross-hairs.
That’s right Mike Duffy, one third of the senate greed gang is saying that The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper lied to you, to me, and more importantly to parliament. Can we get him under oath? It’s creepy that that’s a rational question. Do we have a dictatorship here. Because it seems that SJH dictates just about everything. What the flyin’ fiddlers flamadoozy is going t’ foog on.? Eh!

Is there no way short of him pulling out a gun and murdering someone on the floor of parliament that we can get this creep out of politics where he has no business being, and into the prison cell that he so amply deserves.

The machinations of this are going to be interesting and surely it will put a little starch in the spines of some of the others who SJH has dumped on over the last few years.
He’s been crapping on Canadians for so long that now he has a stain on the back of his trousers to prove it.
"HEAD OF INDUSTRY HERE STEPHE. WHAT THE FLIMMEDAH ARE YOU UP TO BOY" "get right son. Or we’re going to blow your ass up"
I’m here to tell you folks that that’s how it shakes down.
Yes, yes and yes. The American experience has been fun but it’s time to look at the bill. O.K. who had the synthetic chicken salad?
I was taken for a ride across the river across the narrow bridge and out on some originally bison run roads. I gotta say that so far, southern Alberta is stunningly beautiful.