Daily blat

by electionfraud2011

On 2013-10-23 3:00 PM, "Ted Musson" <electionfraud2011> wrote:
> I’m sending this from my phone. Gonna see if I can construct an entity of humour or something to frame the absurd workings of the gang in charge.
> People have been very good to me on my walk. It seemed to kick off in Cowichan Bay and just keep happening. Crofton was great. Listened to Rene and Jennifer and Monique and met some wonderful people who were driving between Chemainus and Crofton who stopped and engaged with me and obviously made me feel really good.

> Trying to find a groove.
> I found a groove but unfortunately too late to keep my knee from getting unhealthy and a bit swollen. Too bad I wasn’t secure enough to have picked a rational tempo that had a less taxing pace and I’d be at least as far along, and healthy. Yeah, I have to admit that it’s a delicate thing that I must do what I can to slow down and stay functional.