Mousakas October 14

by electionfraud2011

On 2013-10-12 2:09 PM, "Ted Musson" <electionfraud2011> wrote:
> Hey Leo if you are getting a rough ride from The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper’s CBC, then you are obviously guilty. They so utterly want to compliment you. You are one of their’s. Remember how they daily blew smoke up little Tommy’s skirt.

> I’ve got my money on you pulling a Shelley "Sarah Palin wannabe" Glover trick. That’s where you lie and lie and lie until der fuhrer notices that you are a team player. Then you get an absurd promotion.

> And bye the bye folks Decievin Stephen has been a nazi since his teens, his conversion to the Zionist cause notwithstanding. Harper will say anything, embrace anything, destroy anything for the sake of his naked power.

> If it was scientifically possible to mix Harper, (Toronto mayor) (Ford and Flanagan together and spit out triplets, you’d have three crack addled nazis chasing little boys down the street.