Lying cons Aug 29

by electionfraud2011

It is so obvious that to be an inner circle harpercrit is to be an accomplished liar, willing to say even the most ludicrous things to stay in power. Tis not my druther but it is my prediction that young Mr Trudeau will be the next PM, and I fear not, but hope so, that he has the spine to go after every single CPC harpercrit with the intent of seeing them pay for their crimes. What Liberals did when they were in power was terrible, but minuscule compared to what The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper’s criminal cabal have done over the last seven years and particularly in May 2011. Every day there is more evidence of their lying criminal bent. And the closer the person is to der fuerher the scummier, the more predisposed to lying and the more dangerous. It is now to such an extent that one has to wonder what level of criminal insanity is at work in the PMO and the CPC generally. It will be interesting to see what degree of misinformation comes down through the CBC (Calgary Bull Crap) about THC now that it’s obvious that Deceivin Stephen is on the wrong side of science again and also on the wrong side of public opinion. Expect two years of ramping up the Bull Crap from Calgary. These creeps will stop at nothing. Bear that in mind as you watch what comes down the pike for the next twenty or so months. What will it be? Will it be the exacerbation of a situation that allows them to declare Marshall law followed by suspension of elections, or absolutely wholesale electoral fraud protected by a bought and paid for Supreme Court like in 2011 only more complete. You see folks, my attitude concerning 2011 is that we know beyond a doubt that the 2011 election involved the CPC engaging in robo-calls and financial crimes. They didn’t break rules folks, they broke laws. Important laws. Why would you, an intelligent elector not assume that the same people who would do that would not throw a bag of votes that they knew would be 70-30 against them in the river or the fire. Well they would, and you dear elector are far too bright to not know that. If you have any doubt about that listen to smarmy grinning Harper or Baird or Toews or Clement or del Mastro or Duncan or Glover or MacKay or any of the other criminals posing as a government, and do the math.

Liars and traitors and bozos oh my.