Ltte take 2

by electionfraud2011

On 2013-10-12 2:45 PM, "Ted Musson" <electionfraud2011> wrote:
> In May 2011 many of us were disappointed at the results of the election. But as believers in democracy we were getting over the loss and planning for victory next time.
> Within months we were seeing that it was naive to think that narrow victory might translate into narrow hubris. and within half a year we saw the arrogance of this little dictator as he manipulated in the most undemocratic ways again thwarting the will of the vast majority of Canadians.

> At the end of ten months the whole page changed as we became used to the term ROBOCALLS. There were more changes to come. And as time went by we learned of more of the scummy use of "burner" cell phones and misdirection of the elderly away from their voting stations.

> Then we started to hear of the financial fraud perpetrated by what would turn out to be a majority of CPC candidates.
> By Aug of that year I could bear it no more to have all of these cheap sleazy tricks run at you/us/me by a serial liar with a history of hanging out with convicted felons, organized racists (his recent conversion to the Zionist cause notwithstanding) and entrance to his inner circle was a product of proof that you were ready to commit harperia.

> I’m a 71 year old former carpenter still sax/flute/piccolo player, who because the math said distinctly,loudly and profoundly that we don’t have a legal government decided to walk my arthritic aching body to Ottawa.