Just another lying con

by electionfraud2011

On 2013-10-12 2:05 PM, "Ted Musson" <electionfraud2011> wrote:
> Harper chose well. Nadon lied at the very first opportunity. Got a funny feeling we better keep an eagle eye on his expense accounts. Next thing he’ll be telling us he’s royalty and popped Madonna’s cherry. These quasi-people are truly unbelievable. Harper much prefers desire to ability when it comes to lying. Like whatsisname Kenney. That one can spit a lie through the eye of a needle from his home to Ottawa.

> Are there any of the con-jobs who don’t richly deserve incarceration. (No question mark needed. It’s a rhetorical question.)
> There’s two questions I’d ask Decievin Stephen.
> How many others of your long term friends and associates and including yourself are pedophiles?
> Why, if you and/or your CPC "elected" members are innocent of election fraud, which only a very small percent of Canadians believe to be true, and obviously many of them are lying because as the gentleman who sold me propane at the rental place just outside of Fernie said "legal or illegal they’re the best," will you not give Elections Canada the power to do their jobs?

> Well two things there. First of all you and yours know that EC’s job as it stands is to put you and yours in prison for a very long time. And secondly that gentleman just outside of Fernie, whether he knows it or not, even though I imagine that he’s the type who over the years has made many disparaging comments about things non-democratic, has no belief in democracy whatsoever.

> Sad, because he looked like someone bright enough that if he could see past his personal greed and need to win, he’d be able to see the bigger picture and be a contributing member of society rather than the ultimate drain on society that he is.