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by electionfraud2011

On 2013-10-12 2:17 PM, "Ted Musson" <electionfraud2011> wrote:
Traveling across the country which is actually just B.C. so far I’m getting a picture of just how completely this country gets its "news" from Harper’s CBC (Conservative Bull Crap) and how huge the soft obfuscation is. Obfuscation for those of you, (considerably less than 25% of eligible electors) stupid enough to vote for Harper’s, Calgary Propaganda Corporation is the act of making the truth less and less obvious.

The CBC seldom outright lies. What they do is delete. If they say nothing about something important to your life, they haven’t lied. At least not in Harperania. My point here is that the unindicted felon from Leaside who is wearing Prime Minister underwear has now co-opted the law. 2/3 of the Supreme(ly criminal) Court are SJH appointments. He has co-opted the Senate (when did the word Senate mean lying, greedy,scumbag) by appointing anyone who shows the appropriate willingness to lie from the same book as himself.

There’s no denying that SJH is a clever little scumbag. He’s taken Adolf’s game plan and reworked it to his own situation. The last Liberals in power left us in a neo Weimar position and our new Adolf being absolutely nothing if not a power/control monger knew what to do with it to turn Canada into a dictatorship.

And by the way folks THC is the problem. Not greedy senators. Not lying politicos. Not 2/3of the supreme court having it’s collective head up it’s collective ass. Not a phony PM doing the prorogue boogie every time he can’t find the right lie. Nope THC. THC is possibly the most important medicinal plant on the planet. Good thing we are a country run by a felon who thinks science is a right-wing plot or we wouldn’t be able to keep our prisons full. How’s that for irony; a criminally elected nazi putting people in prison for doing something that doesn’t kill hundreds of.our children on the roads.

I still get a little teary every time I pass one of those monument crosses at the side of the road. And when I read how young they were it gets harder to contain.