Election fraud 2011

by electionfraud2011

On 2013-10-12 2:20 PM, "Ted Musson" <electionfraud2011> wrote:
> So let me see if I have this correct the head of Elections Canada wants the people who broke the law to make it easier for themselves to be caught. Hmm, whadaya think Stephen do you think that’s a good idea. Doing something that would have you and dozens of your minions serving time in one of the concentration camps you want to build. No I didn’t think so.

> Now here’s something you hardly ever hear of. Someone close to The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper being accused of lying, cheating and stealing. Why its been almost five minutes…But what about the case of Carolyne Stewart Olsen. She not only lies, cheats and steals but like SJH who has the power to thwart any investigations like what Elections Canada’s Cote is trying to enact she sat on the panel that looked into senate lying, cheating and stealing. And it was she who "softened the language" with reference to the Wright-Duffy caper.

> These people, these harpercrits have no shame, no morality, no honesty, no integrity and no shortage of greed, hubris, and sense of entitlement.
> Talk about yer foxes and yer hen houses.
> Please somebody tell me I’m going to wake up to this being a long and painful dream.
> I’m about halfway between Fernie and Sparwood and I’m looking at some gorgeous and huge mountains that would disappear next to the evil of that most disgusting of semi human beings Stephen Scumbag Joseph Excrement Harper.

> His plan is almost complete and your Canada is almost completely a thing of the past.
> Wake up Canada. The coffee is burnt.
> Liars and miscreants and waste oh my.