Leaving Fernie

by electionfraud2011

Being a whimpy city kid I have to admit that the only wind and water I’ve ever seen to match Fernie today are Hurricane Hazel in Toronto about 56 years ago and the very tail of a hurricane in New Orleans 25 or 30 years ago. I’m sitting in the waiting room of the Canadian Tire auto hospital while Toto gets some upgrading. I gotta tell you that “Canadian Tire money” isn’t the only extra that I got. I got totally sunny, totally friendly service every second I was there. And I’ve been more relaxed every time I deal with CTC, having found that their attitude seems to be along the lines of “No questions asked. You don’t want it? No probs bro. Here’s your refund. You do have the bill?” Counterpoint to what mum nature is doing outside.

I’ve gotten rain gear in Fernie that is nice and bright but the same bright yellow as my sign. Hope that works. Bought a couple of solar screen for the roof. It’s all about not having enough power for furnace, computer and iphone. Must check out notebook technology to find more power efficiency.

Folks, are you believing the Curly, Larry and Moe “Rapid Transit Drama” show that Stephen,  Jim and the Rob “Grand Tarino car wreck” Ford are peddling in Toronto

Dog and pony show?

How about two dogs and a phony show.

Look at the second and third raters that cluster around our fourth rate illegal Prime Minister. Only the truly willing to commit fraud need apply.

At a time when all normal feeling people are feeling a sort of hopeless sadness over the recurrence of teens committing suicide I feel it necessary to once again remind people that the man who was Stephen Harper’s mentor, co-author and the person who guided SJH for years and ran his early campaign became a pariah and lost his almost daily appearance on “The Evan Soloman Show” at the CBC (Calgary Bull Crap), has ever since he let his involvement with the “man-boy” movement cat out of the bag, been misrepresented. He also lost his job at The University of Calgary where he taught The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper the subtleties of the “noble lie”. Saying that perverted little Tommy Flanagan was an adviser is like saying that Bruce Carson is just a little crooked. Oh excuse me that was the last thing they were saying about Bruce Carson before down there at CBC where SJH makes up the news they decided that Bruce was just another left-wing fantasy. Well the truth is that Bruce has multiple convictions and serious Harper friendly character flaws.

Bruce and crime…Ham and eggs.

No folks Stephen and Tom were BFF until Tom’s latent American hubris and racism got in the way. Stephen is in much better control of his inner evil than creepy little pervert Tommy ever was, and we’ll never know what was discussed between paragraphs and pages as Stephen and little Tommy used to work into the night. Plotting who knows what. We’ll also never know what the RCMP would have found had they impounded little tommy’s computer.

There’s just never a lot of space between Decievin’ Stephen and a felon or two. I’m predicting that the guy who runs Racknine  (Stephen a little aside for you here; in the future you might not want to do sensitive business that could get you a vacation in one of those concentration camps you want to build with a dolt that names his business after a bar game.)  I’m predicting that he and that younger fellow who did the burner cell phone thing in Guelph will eventually become felons unless Harper is able to completely co-opt every level of court and criminology.

Once again though I have to point out that I’m a one trick pony and that one trick is felony. The felony of The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper. Not the massive stupidity of delMastro, Oda and Kenney, to name a few. And not even the felony of misleading Parliament and lying to Canada on a regular basis. Specifically electoral fraud.

I contend that what Stephen Harper and his minions did leading up to May 2011 constitutes treason.