just past Jaffray

by electionfraud2011

I’ve just passed Jaffray and had to drive a little past where I walked to to find a camp/park space. I’ve decided that at this point my definition of “walk to Ottawa has gone through some changes so it’s time to lay down some definitions. When I walked on Vancouver Island I double walked all but a part of Ross Durant and a part of the Malahat. And when I got to Vancouver and the lower mainland to Hope I double walked it. All through the Fraser Valley.  After Hope I began when necessary to walk with a pedometer and make sure that it was set a little slow and that it showed a number greater than the odometer of Toto.

From the beginning of Manning Park until after Princeton where I had my brakes worked on after they were perhaps tampered with just before leaving the park I’ve used the pedometer when appropriate but double walked most of the way. I started this section as the title says just east of Jaffary and so many little things have kept me from it until now when I have again double-walked to Fernie as all the people who pointed out that I was “going the wrong way.” will attest.

There is so much to write about. There’s the incredible sadness of teens being bullied into suicide by very sick people. Is enough being done? How can something so tragic just be allowed to continue? Are our politicos focusing on this or is this something too remote from their careers.

Then there’s the Harpercrit integrity play-offs. Pamela was out front by a bit but she’s getting a tiny bit of breathing room thanks to Dean delMastro. But seriously folks, it’s obvious that to have ever been close to The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper one needed a resume that was top-heavy in dishonesty. He promoted Shelley “Sarah Palin wannabe” Glover as soon as she was caught doing the CPC boogie which is a rendition of election overspending and then lying and costing taxpayers until she finally admitted culpability. He employed Nigel Wright who paid Duffy’s bills to keep him quiet and under the radar. There is simply nobody anywhere near SJH who is not a consumate liar, and there is simply no morality about these people. Day after day we get more lies, more chicanery, more disrespect for rule of law, more disrespect of the electorate and more disrespect for science. From my perspective the CPC has acted toward the Canadian public very much parallel to the way some so called Freemen-on-the-land have acted toward people who legally had something wanted by the “Freeman”.  We the electorate were robbed of our voting power in much the same way that people have lost their homes to members of the Freemen organizations. And the parallel will continue when people find that their home (country) has been trashed by the time they get it back.