Cranbrook Friday September 6

by electionfraud2011


Well good people labour day was a very sad day for my family. My brother’s eldest son just forty-nine, drew his last breath at about 11AM.

Jeffrey was exactly what evolution was aiming for the second we emerged from the primordial ooze. Kind by nature, by habit, by temperament. Always glad to see you, always glad to see him. Our family lost it’s most cherished member. I miss him dearly.

When I left Creston with a delicious complimentary apple from a gentleman who owns an orchard and a fruit stand in Ericson which bumps into the east edge of Creston, I also left with a head full of good thoughts for Creston. I didn’t realize it at the time but was informed in Jahk that Brian Lawrence of the Creston Valley Advance had not only written a very good piece on what I’m trying to do but that it was…

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