Cranbrook Friday September 6

by electionfraud2011

Well good people labour day was a very sad day for my family. My brother’s eldest son just forty-nine, drew his last breath at about 11AM.

Jeffrey was exactly what evolution was aiming for the second we emerged from the primordial ooze. Kind by nature, by habit, by temperament. Always glad to see you, always glad to see him. Our family lost it’s most cherished member. I miss him dearly.

When I left Creston with a delicious complimentary apple from a gentleman who owns an orchard and a fruit stand in Ericson which bumps into the east edge of Creston, I also left with a head full of good thoughts for Creston. I didn’t realize it at the time but was informed in Jahk that Brian Lawrence of the Creston Valley Advance had not only written a very good piece on what I’m trying to do but that it was on the front page. It’s very empowering to see your cause taken that seriously by the local press and it corroborates what I’m hearing as I walk.

When a couple of days later just past the junction of  highways #3 and #95  after having a wonderful conversation with a couple of cyclists who were headed for Calgary where they would fly , one to Hanover Germany and the other to Hull Quebec I was sitting in the front seat doing some catching up and summoning the energy to get up and into the back of Toto, along came Janet. Seems that Janet and her man Dwight run the Yahk pizza shop and they decided to make me a pizza.

It was so good and Janet and Dwight such generous hosts that I forgot how bad my arthritis was. I left Yahk feeling on top of the world and had a great little conversation with a young gentleman named Tim who was pedaling out of town looking for phone reception. Apparently Jahk is one of the communities that has little or no e-communication. Speaking with Tim reminded me that young people, Tim I’d say was in his early twenties, are not inclined to speak of it, but are very aware that the harpercrits are poised to throw their futures off the cliff in favour of corporate profits.

My walking was uneventful for the next couple of days. I knew that Jeffery was in hospital and I knew it was serious but I kept a good thought and hoped that there was time to reverse damage and have a controlled but forward moving life. All that changed on labour day. I missed the call being out walking and when I called my brother he corroborated what I’d been emailed. It hit me like a load of coal. I’d just been emailed that Jeff was taken off life support and that it was just a matter of time. But when that time comes it speeds up and slows down and swirls and nothing makes sense. Had no idea I’d miss you being alive this much Jeffrey.

But some of the nicest people crossed my path in the next couple of days and they bouyed me as I was slumping. late in my walk that night a car pulled over as I was walking back to where I had left off and called me over to their car to talk to me. They were Mark and Yvonne and their young, handsome and generous son Jeshua, who insisted on giving me a paper donation with a portrait on it of one of those guys who in my opinion all look way too serious. Every time I see one of those pieces of paper I want to say “hey smile, you won”.  Jeshua’s parents also gave me some cucumbers.

Next day as I was walking back from one of my longest walks and was communicating with my memories of Jeffery, I was totally oblivious of my surroundings and when I looked up I was a deer in the headlights as a car was coming right at me. It took a couple of seconds to realize that it was going very slowly and pulling to a park in front of me. It was Robert Slimm. Now isn’t that a great name for a country singer? Well Robert was in fact listening to Johnny Cash. Not Johnny Cash the country singer guitar picker, but that same fellow in his guise as reader of the new testament, and notwithstanding my problem with what I imagine was leading the charge in the great genocide against the original or at least way the hell earlier than any Europeans on these plains, mountains and forests,  (the people little Tommy Flanagan fleeced his dumb right-wing cronies lying about and making a huge living and bloated career with).  When Robert asked if I minded him saying a prayer for me I replied that I have no problems with others beliefs but that he shouId know that I am an atheist. Well Robert who truly does have a beautiful  smile, smiled said he’d like to, and proceeded to pray for me. I was delighted to have Robert pray for me. Who am I to tell Robert or anybody else how to think of the great universal questions. And your vibes move me even when I don’t understand or agree about their origins.  Hell I have trouble like most raising my voice against the obvious evil obfuscations coming out of the right wing that you need a daily program to keep up with the name changes of, as they escape yesterday and yesterday’s yesterday, tricking  rather than gaining the electorate, financial fraud that they lie about until their greed and dishonest fascism has something dripping out of stuffed cheeks and soiling silk vests, before they’d admit to their crimes. And make no mistake good people crime, it was. No matter the extent that CPC acts as though financial election crimes are little errors, they are in fact crimes. Serious crimes. They affect elections in your democracy or you don’t have anything that can be called democracy. And they happen top-heavily by the right-wing of every constituent of government be it parliament, senate, supreme court and policing whenever policing  gets too cosy with government.

Shelley, Shelley, Shelley.

I’m no economist nor am I an employment guidance person but I’ve gotta think that the “right wing guy/gal who thinks up new and innocuous names for any right-wing organizations in public trouble”, has got to have a cachet of security about his or her job.

Much like the job security The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper got, the minute he was sworn in. It is scary and fascinating to see how dictatorial the power was that he was given then.  Make no mistake he’ll have pushed his illegal mandate to the breaking point before he leaves. I obviously wish him to lose, but more than that and for the sake of country and history I wish him to be brought before the courts to answer for all of his illegal actions. I don’t know if this is our first and therefore only illegal government but I do know that it is an illegal government.

Reforms and Alliances and Con-jobs oh my

Before I sign off I’d just like to say how much I appreciate the profusion of sculpting  on display in so many of the mountain towns that I’ve gone through. Starting at and perhaps most wonderfully in Castlegar. That’s where I first noticed it. I hope I didn’t miss any before Castlegar and I’m sure that some of the towns that I didn’t go through are as resplendent.

Way to go B.C. Gilding this most beautiful lily.