Creston B.C. Tue Aug 27 2013

by electionfraud2011

At seventy-one, (it looks less scary to me spelled than seeing the numbers up here) which I turned twelve days ago, and having a lot of the problems associated with that, such as worsening arthritis and ongoing foot problems, and having major difficulty keeping my computer and phone charged up on the road, what with traveling only 2-4Km at a time keeping my blog up to date on a daily basis just became to difficult.

I walk 2-4 Km, turn around and walk back to “Toto”, drive to where I walked and repeat the process. A few thousands of those and voila, Ottawa. So here I am in beautiful Creston at the library and I’ve decided that unless Deceivin Stephen or one of his henchmen has done something particularly odious, i.e. dishonest, racist or any of the other evil, ugly things that they’ve become notorious for I’ll wait until the next library opportunity to update the blog. By the way, if where you are isn’t beautiful you probably aren’t in B.C. I have a bruise on my chest from my chin hitting it practically every time I turn a corner.  And I’m guessing that’s why the people here are so nice.

One of my most recent examples of how nice the people are involves Dan, a gentleman who came tearing up his driveway to enquire if I intended to drop garbage or sewage on his property. I guess the shock he saw on my face convinced him completely that that was not going to happen, and after a nice conversation about what I was doing he put his truck in reverse and rolled back down the driveway.  Next morning Dan knocked on my door and presented me with tomatoes, cucumbers and ears of corn. That made that mornings walk into Creston much more enjoyable.

Enough accolades. The harpercrits have been at it again.  On steroids… Anyone who sincerely believes that Michael Sona acted alone with his Pierre Poutine robo-call scheme in Guelph, Ontario should know that I have some ocean-front property in downtown Calgary with a beautiful view of the Vatican and an average winter temperature of plus fifteen degrees Celsius for sale. And if any prospective buyer believes that The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper had nothing to do with it I’ll gladly include a recording of every member of Deceivin Stephen’s inner circle giving an honest reply to an important political question. Michael Soma is apparently looking at a possible fine of $5,000 and a possible five years in prison. If that same prospective buyer believes that upon conviction he spends anything like 5K and five years I’ll throw in the alchemy machine. And by the way isn’t that a little steep for the simple crime of treason? Oh wait I’m sorry.  SJH has been proving for years, many years, that illegally deceiving and thwarting the will of the Canadian electorate isn’t a real crime, let alone treason.  It’s just CPC way of doing business. Or as his old buddy George Dubya calls it “bidness”

The layer of slime on the inner circle of The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper at a penny a pound could pay down the Canadian debt. Members of the CPC should be fined a thousand dollars an hour for every hour that they have lied about things like illegal election spending which on the eleventh hour they’ve admitted to. That’s on the basis of a twenty-four hour day and a seven day week. Yeah we’re looking at you Shelley “Sarah Palin wannabe” Glover. Is Michael Sona being offered the kind of deal that other accused people are of leniency for “patching” through the system?

For the uninformed  the concept of “patching” is simply “your problem is that your life has a criminal hole in it and you’ve got to give us, the authorities, a bigger piece of fabric with which to patch that hole, and your problems will be mitigated downward. If that happened Deceivin Stephen’s guilt would be about 1-100 on the Vegas board.For the uninformed that’s the opposite of 100-1. As if Vegas would take anything that the Harper Supreme Court could get in between.

Burner cell phones and traitors and CPC felons oh my