Day 82 Thursday

by electionfraud2011

Thursday was a very lazy recuperation day. I sleep so well these days that even a bit of train activity close by doesn’t awaken me. I went in mid afternoon to the library and began to update my blog. When I arrived in Nelson I was stressed and trying to overcome it. But now that there is a very good likelihood that the government check spewing machine is aimed at my account, as soon as it arrives I’m gone, subject to any health or media issues that could arise. By media issues I’m referring to the small independent newspaper and radio that will give some credence to what I’m doing and I must make myself available when they’re available.

Have I mentioned yet today that I absolutely have fallen in love with Nelson. No offense to any of the other gorgeous places like Cowichan Bay or Aggasiz or Hedley or “the Forks”  does it ever get that? “the Forks” ?  But Nelson is just the best I’ve ever felt about a place. I lived a bit in Amsterdam and was enchanted from the first minute, but in five days I don’t think I felt this good. My arrival in Nelson coinciding as it did with the finance, media and minor health issue has me temporarily stopped/slowed and I’m grateful that if it must happen it’s happening here.

The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper keeps lying to Canadians telling them that we’re doomed if we don’t accept the tarsands as a huge part of our energy policy. I have a very hard time remembering or even imagining SJH telling the truth about anything. I believe I asked it before and I’ll ask again “has any other country had the scientists of that country march against them?  Folks Deceivin Stephen is making Canada the laughing stock of the world and if he retains the kind of power he has, he’s the kind of tightly wrapped psycho that might do anything to stop the international laughter.

Laughter and titters and vengeance oh my