Day 81 Wednesday

by electionfraud2011

Met city manager Kevin and his bride to be Allison while busking on Vernon St. They were both really enjoying themselves and were fun to speak with. It’s was really nice experiencing two such people who are so obviously going to be more than the sum of their parts starting on Saturday the seventeenth of August. That’s the date of the nuptials. Kevin mentioned not having a sax player yet and I don’t know how serious he was but I have it somewhere in the back of my mind to play an anniversary somewhere down the road. Have I mentioned how much I like Nelson and how many ways I’m planning to get back here. And now that I’m on a first-name basis with the city manager… Kevin, you do a heck of a fine city.

Late in the afternoon before going busking I was in need of water for “Toto” the name I’ve given the motor home and I went to Cottonwood Falls to facilitate that. the Falls are a really peaceful place and I was sorry that I had so much to do that I couldn’t hang out a while.

“Pipeline Stephe”, bad for you, bad for your children, bad for the planet. Let’s work on getting this election felon/traitor a warm cell.  Getting Vic Toews out of election and into a position of greater power is part of Stephe’s hermetically sealing government against the people. The criminally minded Harper supreme court appointees are just the beginning, but a very sinister beginning. How close are we to the dictatorship Harper envisions.