Day 80 Tuesday

by electionfraud2011

Well thank goodness I was served by a government worker who seemed to understand the stress level that being cut off from ones income and having a hard to reach government can produce. All’s well that ends well, and it seems a well end is in sight. It’s amazing how ones mind jumps to negative conclusions when you are hung out over a negative bank balance and feeling a little impotent to do anything about it. I fear that this is exactly what the harpercrits are visiting upon a great many Canadians. It’s obvious that SJH is at war with average Canada and just as obvious that his rat-like methodology dictates that when you can get the public off balance continue to push to obfuscate to belittle and to use whatever non-democratic methods and principals as you can find. 

I met a couple today with two great kids . She’s from here, he’s from my side of Toronto just a bit north of where I grew up. I get the feeling that he appreciates Nelson from a similar perspective as I do.  We all lived in the same small neighborhood of Toronto probably forty plus years apart. I also get the feeling that she has restored appreciation for Nelson though I could be wrong. It seems a lot of people from here can’t wait to get back. Maybe she’s one of those and breathed a sigh of relief when their family moved here. The kids are Petra and Vaughn and they’re adorable. I love making Petra smile making a big deal out of her “oh so pretty dress” and Vaughn is easy to involve. I love seeing kids synapse firing. I think it’s somewhere in teenage that it begins to slow down but little kids…they are just firing so fast that they sometimes get frustrated by their own mental activity. I hope I get a chance to see them again before I leave. I was hoping to meet her father who sounded like a fascinating character but it hasn’t happened yet. There’s still time.

Loving Nelson more each day. It’s going to be difficult to leave. But I must.