Day 79 Monday

by electionfraud2011

Last day of the long weekend. Tomorrow I do battle of whatever kind with the government OAP office.

I had a great evening of playing now that Noah’s shown me Vernon St. I have a spot that at 8pm I seem to be the only person interested in playing. It’s in front of a liquor store and less than a block from two patio dining balconies. I think that’s probably the definition of perfect in the busker’s dictionary. It sure was good.

Well “Pipe line Stephe” is still at it. No matter how much rational thought and verbiage he’s confronted with, just like his disdain for science, he has disdain for the underlying principals of democracy. Deceivin Stephen thinks it’s a game like Monopoly that has nothing to do with any form of “the greater good.” He’s fighting WORLD WAR THREE and his adversary is the Canadian people. Not all Canadian people to be sure. Essentially just the most vulnerable. Of course it’s just a coincidence that the less likely that you can afford relocation the more likely that your home is being framed by the aiming device on the great tank that is chewing up ground on it’s way from Ottawa/Calgary. And if you are First Nation you are an easy target for the harpercrits and the few “Uncle Tomahawks” that SJH manages to buy off the “rez”. Seems to me I remember that just before the entire world stopped listening to him Patrick Brazeau was trying to convince people that Idle No More was something they should avoid.

In a perfect world people would gather around Thomas Mulcair or Justin Trudeau simply because they are both in a different league when it comes to sincerity and rational thought as to where either would take Canada. Though the Liberals have been in the past guilty of political sins there has never been the sinister undertones of the right-wing, mean and vicious CPC, and the Canadian electorate has not seen fit to elect an NDP government Any sins of any Liberal government pale in comparison to the lies and boondogglery of the F35 or the outright theft of 3.5 billion ticketed for defence. Do you feel safer now that the “law and order”  “string ’em up”  “obscenely priced orange juice” “what’s the big deal with child pornography”  “milk G8” crew are at the gates protecting you and your kids from you and your kids.

Mussolini said that fascism was actually corporatism. Does the same hold in reverse in the little maze that is harperpolicy? Is this mow down anything or anybody that stands in the way of corporate profit corporatism, actually fascism? and if so what’s the distance to nazism? He, Harper seems to have bought into the lies deceit and obfuscation of Hitlerian Germany.  His method is to use the Straussian “noble” lie.  So far in his miserable pain inflicting, truth obliterating, miniscule life, noble has never been an apt description of anything. There’s a photo that I believe I referenced at the time, of SJH receiving a statesman award from some ultra right-wing American Jewish organization for statesmanship. As the American cliche goes “you can’t make this stuff up”. Anyway in the photo looking at their faces from viewers left to right we have that notorious international murderer Henry Kissinger (if in doubt see Chile and the murder of Salvadore Allende”), The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper, and an unnamed but obviously very right-wing Rabbi. The look on their three faces tells it all. Every face is saying what the hell is that smell.

Turncoats and panderers and bribery oh my.