Day 78 Sunday

by electionfraud2011

Well due to playing music on the street last evening I was late to bed and late to get up. I had a late breakfast and meditated for an hour. This is so different from the tightly controlled hours on the road. The biggest reason that I have to keep such early hours on the road is because it gets so hot early and I have to do my walking before it gets dangerously hot. It seems strange that the world is already getting warm and it seems that that will be my regimen for a few days. I can’t live as early here in town as I do on the road. I have to contact the government which has suddenly stopped a large portion of my income and has fairly effectively slowed me down.

I walked to the far end of Baker with my sax to see if I could make a few bucks. Noah the young guitar player I met yesterday who came by to where I’m parked and we played a little showed up and we played a little. When he was at Toto It was a great chance to play my gorgeous piccolo since it’s the only horn I have pitched in concert key, and I was curious as to how the sax guitar would sound. It was great except that Noah doesn’t know the standard book centered around “Rhythm Changes” and “12 bar blues” but what little he knows showed that he’s pretty musical and as soon as he commits to time being the holy manna he’ll be great fun to play with. If he keeps going in the direction he’s going respect and opportunity will dog his footsteps.

Sunny Sunday in Nelson. A feller could do a lot worse