Day 77 Saturday

by electionfraud2011

I got into Nelson at about seven pm and noticed a medium sized MH in my rear view mirror as I pulled northeast up Baker St. toward Falls St. It turned out that next to where that MH was sitting, the parking lot would be home for my duration in Nelson. I had a quick sandwich and practiced my horn a bit just to be sure that everything was working. It was and I went out busking for a couple of hours. Folks are friendly and generous here.

This is a double NDP stronghold Federal and Provincial and I get a lot of positive feedback from people who come by. The people here seem to understand that the same crew that would break this, this and this law to gain power and thwart the will of the people would probably stop at nothing to get ultimate power. Power which Harper thinks he has hermetically sealed.

Has he?

Harper has a fake majority, a stacked supreme court and humongous powers not seen in most parts of the world. With these he believes that he can manipulate the entire systom. Are we a truly sophisticated enough culture that can see through and survive the onslaught that I fear will mark the Harper time in illegitimate power. I’m certain that given enough power and enough time there will manifest a Canada that the vast majority of Canadians not only won’t recognize but will despise. That’s the kind of power and manifestation that Harper saw as he stacked the supreme court with trained seals and it will get stronger and eviler when the likes of Vic Toews get’s into an even more unfettered position of power. The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper realizes that ultimate power rests with the gavel and fake majority. He used his time in minority protected by prorogation which was one of the worst acts of a governor general in Canada’s history to shut down Canada and avoid the dustbin of history. One can only hope that in the fullness of time Harper’s penchant for law breaking will trip him up and he’ll get the reward of incarceration that he so richly deserves.

I busked at Baker and Stanley and late in the evening a young guitar player came by from his restaurant job. Perhaps we can get together and play a bit. The people who are mostly late diners that I’m playing for are really supportive and complimentary. Wow I have met a lot of great people since Victoria City Hall but I think I’m falling in love with Nelson ! lock stock and barrel. the people, the town, the attitude. Everybody tourist, native and recent residents agree “yeah this is a pretty special great place to be.”