Day 76

by electionfraud2011

Spent the night at a half circle northeast of Castlegar just before Thrums. I met a wonderful young lady who was bicycling home and who is the first person I’ve ever met that is a roller skate athlete. I can’t even think what it’s actually called but I have roller-derby going through my head. Anyway she and a team compete at that game which I always thought looked very dangerous. About half an hour after I got back to Toto she drove up with a box of things from her garden. She made a little video of me and Toto and said she’d be posting it on her face book page. It turned out that I’d meet a lot of extremely nice people all the way from Castlegar to Nelson.

It boggles the mind the absurdities that the harpercrits parade to justify their crime and punishment policies that simply don’t work. It’s hard to imagine a government that was more universally wrong in all of their civil philosophies. If The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper is for it you can bet that a lot of marginalized and barely in the game people will be hurt by it. He particularly seems to have a knack for creating as much pain as possible for First Nations people. Every time I have to use one of the terms that give a little respect back it pains me that we have such a terrible history of racism and it troubles me that we don’t know the history or even the nomenclature of that page in history. We obliterated it rather than deal with and understand it.

I have peple who spontaneously offer me money to which I always reply that though I’m not staring into the financial abyss, the edge is alarmingly close and a few bucks to toss into the comfort zone is always welcome. I bring this up at this point just to say that I had more than usual events thus between Castlegar and Nelson. I’m always moved by people who can believe that a crazy old septuagenarian who is walking to Ottawa to protest what adds up to him as an illegal government might be right but right or wrong he’s gotta eat. And please folks do the math, and do the Googling. Look honestly at what you know of Stephen J. Harper’s penchant for breaking whatever law, rule or convention to complete his ignoble destruction of whatever good Canada ever was.

His actions thus, didn’t start with his association with discredited child-porn apologist Tom Flanagan the person at who’s knee Deceivin Stephen learned Leo Struassian fascistic politics. There’s ample evidence that though it was probably strengthened by Tom’s virulent form of it that SJH brought his own sack of racist crap to the writing speaking and policy sessions with Professor Flanagan. It started much earlier with his dabbling in far right politics and continued into reform party policy. It’s very difficult to extract Preston Manning from these same early Reform Party racist sympathies. He is truly dangerous and truly criminal.