Day 75

by electionfraud2011

How many ways is America wrong about being the greatest country in the world, and how many of those is our illegitimate Prime Minister emulating?

The first thing any serious scholar of American history sees is what is presumably the world’s greatest genocide. Untold millions, untold because it behooved America to not keep track of the numbers of Native Americans that were murdered in what has been called the Indian wars. If you can call what happened in what became the U.S.A  “Indian wars” what would you call what Hitler did to Jews and Romanis and in fact communists and many others. First, the natives of what is now called America aren’t Indians. The American pejorative Injuns is just as accurate because they are both absurd and racist. The term Indian is a way of denying the differences of the many Nations that comprised what is now North America in a further obliteration of the huge numbers of murders. The bottom line is that you couldn’t even call what Hitler did the “Jewish wars” because the parallel is broken. Most of the victims actually were Jews. Not Jews that were called by somebody else’s name half a planet away. The reason I raise this point is to focus on one of the pivotal issues in the Harper arsenal of destruction. America wanted the land so they cleared it of the people who were there. Harper and his manipulators want the power and money that the “tar sands” for instance represents. He will kill off the inhabitants of wherever the energy exists just like America killed off the natives for two hundred and fifty of the last three hundred years. I’d be being disingenuous if I failed to mention that avowed forms of Christianity were bedfellows of both. Harper is the most recent in a long line of Albertans, perhaps starting with “Bible Bill” Eberhardt who’s right-wing polito-theology has dictated fascistic methodology aimed at Christian power.

Another way that Harper wants to emulate America is his desire to have a much, much higher percentage of Canadians living in prisons. He wants to achieve this the same way America has starting with absurd regressive laws against the use and research into cannabis. There is absolutely no doubt that cannabis has medicinal benefits and Harper is constantly trying to curtail any research into it. A short list of available legal products that do far more harm than all forms and usage of cannabis include alcohol, nicotine, refined sugars, energy drinks and the list goes on. Could it be that corporate Canada can’t patent THC.

Yet another already well on it’s way is the transfer of tax burden from the obscenely wealthy to the poorest. America and Canada are in lock step here and Harper can’t be blamed for it’s inception but he can be blamed for prescribing steroids for it,

I met some wonderful people today and had my picture taken by the Castlegar newspaper. Had a great lady that I met on my walk and her bicycle trip home bring me a box full of groceries and I got a huge amount of help from the nice people at the Castlegar Library.

So many wonderful fellow citizens, so many criminally minded Conservatives.

Givers and takers and both oh my