Day 74

by electionfraud2011

After the trio from Quebec left, rest stop life was fairly uneventful for a time. I did however have a nice chat with a gentleman from the SPCA who was taking his lunch in this truly glorious rest stop. I say glorious because the roar of the creek and the trees and mountains pretty much obliterated the highway sights and sounds.

After Barb and Darryl who I should point out helped me with a little RV maintenance left, and I was listening to Thadeous  play the trumpet, along came a monster Class “A” which was probably at least 40ft long and was pulling a 20-24ft trailer which as it turns out carried a vehicle that would accommodate eight. And those eight I have to tell you comprise truly one of the most wonderful families it has ever been my pleasure to meet.

They were parents named Tammy and John who both play and sing and a brood of kids that all play strings. There are three violins, two cellos and a viola. And these kids are exactly what you would imagine the product of intelligence, music, love and mutual respect to be. When I shook hands and said good-bye to John the following morning and was disappointed at not seeing any of the others my mind was so full of good thoughts that I forgot to say that which was true and that I wanted to say which was “I try to to keep envy to a minimum, but you guys have given me cause to be envious of all eight of you.” I can’t actually say that with complete honesty because I don’t think I met all of them. I don’t think I met numbers two or three. From the chronological top they are Courtney, Marinna who I don’t think I met, Daniel who also I don’t think I met, Paul, David and Shaylynn who, if her sun kissed brown face hadn’t, her presenting me with some wild flowers definitely would have melted my old heart. She was the first besides the parents that I met and I should point out that I met the parents because I was just jaw-dropping impressed with John behind the wheel and Tammy on the ground, connected by walkie-talkie communication, backing up around a tight corner to the snuggest parking beside the stream. I was so impressed that when I opened my door to say something I think I said “my old hands are too arthritic to manually applaud, but I’m awed by what you guys just did. They laughed and I had a nice conversation with Tammy as john continued to jockey ever more perfectly into place while Tammy and I talked music, Duke and Ella, and Tammy continued to talk John into the perfect landing.

I should point out that the car-trailer converts to a kid’s play, eat, sleep space with bunk beds that pull down from the walls and a dinette that similarly pulls down from the walls.

My absolutely wonderful friends from Peterborough whom I’ve known since Moses was in short pants and are as wonderful as a family can be, are also a musical family and whom I might have been a little cupid involved with are similarly amazing. But there’s only half as many of them. Steve, Peggy, Mike and Bean have helped make what I’m doing possible and I love them as Duke would say “madly.”  That family is also the product of intelligence, music, love and mutual respect.

No time for angst and anger to-day. Tomorrow’s another day.