Day 73

by electionfraud2011

I spent the night between days 72 & 73 at one of those bare ovals which are like an undigested dinner in a snake’s belly .When I was doing my first walk a car pulled over due to the sign on my back and the lady in it said “good for you” and “thank you for doing what you’re doing.” We had a little chat and during the course of it she made me realize that in at least some ways she was even more concerned with the treachery and viciousness of Herr Harper than I when she referenced concern about “when the boxcars come to get us.”

Yes folks that’s the kind of thoughts that the criminal monster that heads the criminal cabal dictating to Canada inspires. And logically so.

When I got back to my RV I had a chat with a gentleman who had also spent the night in the snake’s belly. His attitude was considerably less severely anti-Harper than the lady in the car and my own He was a nice fellow and I enjoyed speaking with him.

When I left that spot a few cliks down the road I turned into a dedicated rest stop with toilets and which was completely off the highway. There I met a very charming trio from Quebec, one of which Blai was from Barcelona. They like Mario were also following the fruit picking season.

Later in the day I met Barb and Darryl a mother and son who had a genuine Alberta horror story. Seems these people, the Harpercrits/CPC aren’t new at this “if there are lives in between you and the object of your greed/power game, destroy them.” And Barb and Darryl got the full force of Conservative Alberta

Then along came another Ted who played trumpet. He’s originally from Poland. Warsaw I believe he said. He has a great sound. It was fun listening to him.