Day 69

by electionfraud2011

Well I’m still in Grand Forks and will have to be until Monday when I know that there is money in my account since that’s Old Age Pension day. As soon as I get to where there is a branch of my bank I can check my balance and also get someone there to show me the steps to be able to bank online. I’m not as old as the Westminster parliamentary system. It just feels it some times, particularly when waiting for the arthritis meds to kick in, and when dealing with this new fangled computer stuff.

I’m not a huge fan of young mister Trudeau by any means. But he has it absolutely right concerning cannabis. Cannabis is, in every single regard less problematic than alcohol, and compared to tobacco, the product of which some manufacturers used to say “they’re good for you” at a time when they had an abundance of evidence to the contrary, the disparity is as night is to day. In fact a comparison of cannabis to refined sugar is likewise favourable to cannabis. White refined sugar we are finding is the major if not exclusive cause of cancer. Eventually if we can relegate mentalities such as that displayed by the harpercrits to the ashcan of history and preclude them from our futures we will doubtless find that cannabis is the opposite. i.e. the cure rather than the cause.

My blog is as you must know is entered through electionfraud2011 and once again I wish to address that reality. We have gotten the most mealymouthed discussions of the election frauds of 2011 from almost every source. The NDP,  perhaps because of their own, notwithstanding far less important and criminal, illegal use of robocalls and financial infractions, have been far less vocal and strident than the issue calls for. And perhaps they are aware that they gained seats at the expense of Liberals at whom the CPC aimed their illegal, dirty tricks. That so called election, that travesty that took place in 2011 is absolutely in keeping with the mentality, immorality and evil methods that we’ve seen in the government of The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper ever since that thug took a political blackjack to the side of the head of the citizens of Canada and assumed power. Deceivin Stephen belongs in chains not in chambers, in prison not in power, in the penitentiary not in the parliament. 

Can we survive two more years of this dictatorial wretch. I fear not. I believe that we must focus on the truth and mobilize the citizenry to act. We must petition the Governor General and Elections Canada if both aren’t yet in the same position as the Supreme Court which is obviously, a majority of, in Herr Harper’s pocket, to act with whatever power they have to overturn or suspend the phony results of May 2011 and to have a full and complete criminal investigation into the entirety of CPC involvement with.

Harper believes that he has the situation hermetically sealed and that there is no way the citizens of Canada can get in to take a look at the phony election of May 2011. Is he correct? Is our very old and very decrepit parliamentary system that senile. Perhaps it is. Stephen Harper is the kind of “snake in the grass” that has been planning this kind of takeover for a very long time dating back to his days with the child pornography apologist, chairman of his first campaign and constant CBC political annalist everybody’s “favourite uncle” to quote CBC, Tom Flanagan. In fact it goes back further to his days with neo-nazis and use of them as security for that pinnacle of honesty and sincerity Preston Manning.

Strange however how little that fact seemed to bother good old Preston. Boy, these boys from the prairie have been at this stuff a long long time. Changing their name almost as often as they invent new lies.